Thursday, 27 January 2011


Hello to everyone who has stumbled across my page, I am Extremely new to this, I don't know even know where to start, but I do know what I will be writing about and its stuff that I passionately like, i Love my Paranormal, so I will be writing a lot about that. Me, my dad and my brother we do Ghost Hunting around where we live and there is one place were we got fantastic evidence, i will be putting some of my stuff on here just to show you. I also a massive fan of Ghost Adventurers they go around the world to the most Haunted locations and i will be putting some of there stuff up too. I also love books, I've got a few well more then a few really. i will be writing about the books i have read and my opinion about the book and the new books that are coming out, a little warning my books are all fantasy for example they all involve Vampires, Werewolf's, Demons, Fallen Angels and many more supernatural beings, that's what I like. Also i will be writing about movies, i love my movies i have a huge collection and go to the cinema most weekends, i will be reviewing them and tell my honest opinion about them. I really do hate film critics they hate most movies but love the worst movies ever made, its annoying. So that's what my amazing blog is going to be about so hope you enjoy and you wont get to bored but im sure you wont if you like the same interests as me. Bye for now, oh and please leave a comment if im doing bad or good then i can improve thank you  xxx            

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